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My mission: Working with others to make IT projects successful !

I strongly believe that this simple statement describes the core of successful project management: The sensitive management of an area of tension between achieving the project goals in an efficient way and the creation and maintenance of a team of experts of different provenance to deliver solutions against all odds and make the project a success. To master this challenge with respect for all involved individuals in an ever changing environment is what KRAUSS Consulting  promises to deliver. The different aspects will be explained in the following chapters. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any inquiry.
Stephen Krauss, Berlin 30-Jul-2007
S. Krauss looking forward I will continue pursuing other tasks until October 2018 due to personal matters. Therefore I am not available for project assignments.
Concerning past projects and other topics please feel free to contact me anytime.

email: stephen.krauss[at]

mobile:  +49 160 97791802

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